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The Blackened Singularity: Haunting Harmonies from the Cosmic Void

by John Walter Chandelier & Osaka Noise Ensemble



John Walter Chandelier and Osaka Noise Ensemble will guide you on an epic one-hour-long journey of dark ambient, drone, and powerful noise.

In a small town surrounded by high mountains, there is a legend about an ancient artefact called the Black Singularity. Said to conjure ghostly harmonies from the void of space, it has been hidden for centuries and is said to devour anyone who approaches it. Curiosity and a thirst for adventure drive a young woman on a dangerous journey to find out the truth. For months, the woman fights her way through dense forests until she reaches the foot of a huge mountain. As she climbs the treacherous path, she encounters a heavenly noise that grows louder with every step. In a cave she finds the black and white singularity, an obsidian sphere pulsating with alien energy. It communicates through cosmic vibrations and points out the dangers of interrupting its power. She realises that her goal was not to conquer the Singularity, but to become aware of its limitations. With her newfound wisdom, she descends and becomes the guardian of the legend to warn others of its darkness. Some secrets must not be touched, for the Singularity is still a power beyond mortal understanding.


released July 15, 2023


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1798 | Dark Ambient / Drone Music Label Germany

1798 is a label that primarily focuses on Dark Ambient, Drone Music, Acoustic Doom, and Experimental Industrial Ambient music.

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