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The Enigma of the Silent Land

by Angelwitch XII



Angelwitch XII, known for her collaboration album with Osaka Noise Ensemble in 2016, presents us with a hypnotic five-and-a-half-hour-long album, immersing listeners in a captivating blend of drone and overtones.

In a secluded land, surrounded by majestic mountains, a dormant silence prevailed. The inhabitants of this place lived in harmony with nature, deeply immersed within themselves. Yet beneath the surface of this tranquility lay a mysterious energy waiting to be discovered.
Amidst this peaceful land stood the Temple of Souls, a place of great spiritual significance. People flocked there to find solace and inner peace. The temple resonated with tales of times past and shattered dreams that echoed within its walls.
Not everyone found the desired fulfillment within the Temple of Souls. Some plagued by restless dreams found no sleep or tranquility. They grappled with their inner unrest, finding only temporary relief in the sleep of unease.
The melodies of vastness, carried from distant lands, reached the land and enchanted the hearts of the people. The music spoke of unknown realms, encouraging them to transcend their limits and explore the expanses of existence.
Within the land, there were storytellers who captivated the people with their tales from the fragile dream. They whisked their listeners away to fantastical worlds, allowing them to partake in adventures beyond reality. These stories opened the gates to new perspectives, inspiring the people to pursue their own dreams.
Motivated by the stories and the music, some embarked on a journey into the expanses of being. They traversed uncharted territories and encountered fascinating people and places. This journey, however, was not without challenges, as they had to overcome their fears and uncertainties to discover their true purpose.
Amidst the dormant silence, the Temple of Souls, the sleep of unease, the melodies of vastness, the tales from the fragile dream, and the expanses of being, a fascinating secret was revealed. The people realized that true fulfillment resided within themselves and that the journey to their true being was the key to a fulfilled life.
The land became a place of self-realization and inner growth. The people learned to manifest their dreams and find the silence within themselves. The Temple of Souls became the center of inspiration and spiritual wisdom, and the melodies of vastness accompanied them on their journey of self-discovery.


released June 17, 2023


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1798 | Dark Ambient / Drone Music Label Germany

1798 is a label that primarily focuses on Dark Ambient, Drone Music, Acoustic Doom, and Experimental Industrial Ambient music.

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